Support 26.10.2018 - National holiday

Dear customers,
26.10.2018 is a national holiday in Austria and so only Business support is available.

Private usage SLA and Premium SLA support will be available on Monday 29.10 again.

If you need urgent support, please use a onetime urgent addon or upgrade your SLA in your client area.


Team OwnCube

23rd Oct 2018
All in one Special - Unlimited Storage + update addon + Own Resources + OnlyOffice + VPN account + DDOS / Failover

Dear customers,We would like to offer you an ALL IN ONE Special today. Our all-round carefree special includes:     a upgrade to UNLIMITED STORAGE - No 5TB, 10TB, ... limits, but real, unlimited storage.     Updateaddon for automatic updates of the cloud by a technician. The addon also includes daily bug and security fix ... Read More »

12th Oct 2018
V14 testing *update/supportet*

Dear customerswe currently test V14 and will inform you when its stable.Because of the some bugs and issues we found ,we do not recommend to update yet.V14 is supportet for: Single clouds, Admin, vps... clouds WITH update addon. New orderes of course have V14 installed. Without update addon we do not recommend to update and wait for a bug fix ... Read More »

1st Oct 2018
OwnCube Summer Special #11 - Amazing 20TB storage VPS

Dear customers,We are pleased to offer you a very limited SERVER Special.We offer a own server, with own resources and amazing large 20TB disk space on our OpenVZ server nodes.The server can be installed with Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, ... and you get access to the VPS panel to manage the server itself.Of course, we also offer our Ubuntu + Nextcloud ... Read More »

17th Jul 2018
OwnCube Summer Special #10 - Own OPEN-VPN SERVER, unlimited user, own server, dedicated ip, ...

Dear customers,Due to the high demand for a dedicated OpenVPN service / server, we are pleased to offer a special offer for existing customers.OWN VPN SERVER! What do you get?You get a pre-installed OpenVPN server, serviced by our technicians.You can setup UNLIMITED! own OpenVPN accounts on this server, create your own network, assign the accounts ... Read More »

4th Jul 2018
OwnCube Summer Special #9 - own server upgrade + double disk space FREE

Dear clients,we are proud to offer a upgrade special for our Admin Cloud customers, which offers you more control, security, performance, customizations, and own server-side settings.You get your own SERVER / VPS for your cloud, as well as the possibility to host unlimited other Clouds, Websites, Email, .... on this.The benefits are simple.You get ... Read More »

4th Jul 2018
OwnCube Summer Special #1 - Lifetime and 4x disk space

We are pleased to offer you our first very limited SUMMER-Special."Lifetime and 4x disk space package at OwnCube", how it works:If you renew your package at OwnCube with the triennially amount, your package will be set to LIFETIME.This means there are NO recurring costs, your package will be FREE for LIFETIME.With this special, you will also get ... Read More »

22nd Jun 2018
OwnCube Summer Special #4 - SLA Specials

We are pleased to offer you our 4th Summer Special.Upgrade your SLA (Service Level Agreement) with a great discount, Onetime option and new features included. ** With a higher SLA (Service Level Agreement), you will receive ** * Faster support, Premium 6h, Business max. 1h* Hosting on premium servers* Faster cloud upgrades due to high Prio* ... Read More »

22nd Jun 2018
OwnCube Summer Special #5 - Renew and get 1 year FREE

We are pleased to offer you our 5th summer special: Renew your account and get 1 year FREE! How does the Special works? :You renew your account/service for 1 year and you receive an additional year for FREE from us.This special is possible for ALL services as well as for new orders! If you are interested, just open a ticket in the support ... Read More »

22nd Jun 2018
OwnCube Summer Special #6 - 100% uptime for your service

We are pleased to offer you our fail-over system in all data centers.What does that mean?With our new failover system we can guarantee 100% uptime.Your service will be synced 1:1, as well as live on an external server (same location).Your service will be added to our monitoring and if a service (http, email, cpanel, ...) fails, the failover will ... Read More »

22nd Jun 2018