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Support 08.12.2017

Dear customers,08.12.2017 is a national holiday and so our support is only available for business customers until the next business day on monday.Business customers have 24/7 support.This info only affects private customers with PRIVATE or PRIVATE PREMIUM SLA.If you need urgent help, please upgrade our SLA or use a onetime urgent support ... Read More »

7th Dec 2017
Shared Server DE20 move

Dear customers,because of the issues in the past on SHARED DE20, we have placed a new HIGH END hardware node for SHARED DE20 in our DE, named SharedDE28We currenlty move all accounts from DE20 to DE28. This will maybe cause a short downtime because of local DNS Updates.If you use our owncube subdomains or a own domain with our nameservers, there ... Read More »

29th Nov 2017
Private accounts IP change UK

Dear private customers,
your server ip will be change to tomorrow during the day, please update your records.
Business accounts are not affected.

8th Oct 2017
OwnCube Summer Special #9 - Renew and get 1 year FREE

We are pleased to offer you our 9th summer special: Renew your account and get 1 year FREE! How does the Special works? :You renew your account/service for 1 year and you receive an additional year for FREE from us.This special is possible for ALL services as well as for new orders! If you are interested, just open a ticket in the support ... Read More »

17th Aug 2017
OwnCube Summer Special #6 - SLA Specials

We are pleased to offer you our 6th Summer Special.Upgrade your SLA (Service Level Agreement) with a great discount, Onetime option and new features included. ** With a higher SLA (Service Level Agreement), you will receive ** * Faster support, Premium 6h, Business max. 1h* Hosting on premium servers* Faster cloud upgrades due to high Prio* ... Read More »

17th Aug 2017
OwnCube Summer Special #4 - Disk space upgrade

In our Summer Special #4, we offer plenty of disk space, at a very low price due to hardware upgrades in many data centers.The upgrade is a ONETIME PAYMENT at no additional cost in the future.Your monthly / yearly amount will not change, but the disk space will remain.Of course, even lifetime customers can order this special. Our Disk space ... Read More »

17th Aug 2017
OwnCube Summer Special #2 - Unlimited disk space

In our second SUMMER Special we offer an upgrade to unlimited disk space. No 5TB, 10TB, ... limits, just real unlimited packages.You can upgrade your account to REAL UNLIMITED space:Single accounts: 199 € ONETIMEAdmin accounts: 399 € ONETIMEYour monthly / yearly amount does not change. If you already have a Lifetime account with us, you will ... Read More »

17th Aug 2017
OwnCube Summer Special #1 - Lifetime and 4x disk space

We are pleased to offer you our first very limited SUMMER-Special."Lifetime and 4x disk space package at OwnCube", how it works:If you renew your package at OwnCube with the triennially amount, your package will be set to LIFETIME.This means there are NO recurring costs, your package will be FREE for LIFETIME.With this special, you will also get ... Read More »

17th Aug 2017
Node DE32 datacenter move

Dear customer, The Hetzner Online Datacenterpark in Falkenstein is one of theMost innovative data centers in Germany. To you tooContinue to offer the best possible conditions and thus also room forWe plan to be able to create new innovations in the night ofAugust 8 to the August 9, 2017 the move of the following server inOur new data center ... Read More »

8th Aug 2017
Support holidays - Pfingsten

Dear Customer From Friday 02.06.2017 / 17:00 to Tuesday 06.06.2017 / 08:00 the support for private SLA customers ( same as on weekends and holidays ) is not occupied. Standard support does not take place during this time. On Tuesday we will be back for you.Customers with BUSINESS SLA contracts can of course reach us round the clock by ticket in ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2017

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