Huge disk space special for KVM VPS/STOR clients

Dear clients.we are pleased to offer a Disk space Special, especially for KVM VPS customers.5,10,20,40TB !! disk space Upgrade for your VPS.The upgrade is a one-time payment without any recurring costs.Your monthly / annual amount will not change as a result, but the storage will remain.Of course, lifetime clients can accept this special, without ... Read More »

19th Nov 2019
Halloween Specials

We are happy to offer our Halloween-Specials for exist and new clients/users. Storage Upgrade, * Unlimited Storage, * Lifetime Upgrades, * Renewal Special, * SLA Special, * Auto Update addon, * Nextcloud Migration, * Collabora / Onlyoffice, * Own Resources / Performance Server hosting, * SSD Backend addonFor all specials and upgrades, of ... Read More »

29th Oct 2019
Security issue in NGINX/php-fpm

Related to the announcement from nextcloud: we run a very small amount of servers with Nginx. Only our large single cloud and some clients with custom packages use nginx and they are patched already. All other packages, shared admins, vps, dedicated,... are not affected as they ... Read More »

24th Oct 2019
* stable *Nextcloud 17 brings remote wipe, collaborative text editor and next generation secure watermarking

Welcome to Nextcloud 17! This release brings major new improvements, especially around security and team collaboration. You can go get the update or read on to find out what is new! Info from nextcloud: note that we roll ... Read More »

30th Sep 2019
National holiday 15. August

On Aug 15 , technical support is limited and only Business SLA Support available.

Private SLA support starts again on 16 Aug.

We wish you a nice holiday.



14th Aug 2019
Nextcloud 16.0.2 TESTING, DONT UPDATE - 16.0.3 STABLE! 10.2.1 STABLE!

Dear clients, we currently testing nextcloud 16.0.2. Until now there are many bugs and issues after an upgrade and we do not recommend to update at the moment.When its supported and stable, we will update the status Update 21.07.2019:We tested nextcloud 16.0.3 and ownCloud 10.2.1, both are stable without any issues so far, you can update via ... Read More »

6th Jul 2019
Safe surfing / downloading on vacation, ... via your OWN VPN server.

Dear clients Due to the great demand for our dedicated / real own VPN service / server, we are pleased to be able to offer a special.Strengthen the power of the Internet - VPN is for everyone! * Safe surfing / downloading on vacation, at home, in the company or on your smartphone via your OWN VPN server. OWN VPN SERVER! What do you get? You ... Read More »

23rd Jun 2019
Mysql 4 byte support on all servers

Dear clients,we currently upgrade all MYSQL SHARED DB-servers to support 4byte support and enabled 4-byte characters (like emojis).At the moment this only affects emojis in Nextcloud TALK, but not your cloud usage, sync,.... We will update this announcements when this is done on all servers. Regards Team ... Read More »

30th Apr 2019
National holiday 1. May

On May 1, technical support is limited and only Business SLA Support available.

Private SLA support starts again on 2.May.

We wish you a nice holiday.











29th Apr 2019
Nextcloud V16 & ownCloud 10.1.1 bug fix release * UPDATE *

Dear clients,we want to inform you that Nextcloud V16 has been released and ownCloud 10.1.1 that is a bugfix release.We currently test both versions that seems already stable. Please wait for our "OK" here to update via the updater app to avoid issues and data loss.   Say hi to #nextcloud 16   New & better: Machine learning protects ... Read More »

25th Apr 2019