Apr 25th AT20 Reboot because of kernel update

Dear customers
because of a important kernel update the server needs a reboot. It will be back online asap
TEAM OwnCube

Apr 25th Updates Nextcloud 11.0.3 - ownCloud 9.x

Dear customers, we are currenlty upgrade all nextcloud instances to 11.0.3 and ownCloud 9.xIf your cloud is not on this latest version until 27.04.2017, please try to do the update in your cloud admin panel.If that fails with an error, please open a ticket incl. the error message and we will fix this asap and do the update.Thank you for your ... Read More »

Apr 16th VPN network old ( 2016 ) rebuilt

Dear customers,we are happy to announce that we have rebuilt our VPN network ( old ) for customers that already ordered a VPN service in 2016. If you have not received the new setup please let us know.This info is not for the new performance VPN service we offer since today 16.04.2017! They are hosted on our brand new performance system.Sehr ... Read More »

Mar 27th OwnCube subdomain ssl renew

Dear customers,today we replaced all *.owncube.com subdomain certificates.If your cloud have not received the new ssl cert please let us know and we install the ssl asap.If you have our hosting addon were you use EMAIL, please accept the new ssl in your email client.Thank you Sehr geehrter Kunde,heute haben wir alle *.owncube.com SSL zertifkate ... Read More »

Mar 13th We are moving DE Single - Nextcloud server to performance servers

ENGLISHDear customers,we want to inform you that we are currently transfer our single DE nextcloud server to the new performance servers.Our ownCloud DE Single system is already at our performance servers, nextcloud single DE in progress.We are working to get High performance servers in all locations soon.DEUTSCHSehr geehrte Kundin, Sehr geehrter ... Read More »

Feb 21st Nginx update AT20

Dear customer,
we update the nginx system on AT 20 tonight. The webserver will be down for a few minutes. other services like mail,.. are not affected by this.
Thank you for your understanding.

Feb 21st Collabora special setups

Dear customers,we setup all collabora servers at the moment for customers that joined our collabora special.We are done 80% of them where we already sent the collabora URL.We will finish all collabora special setups latest 23.02.2017. If you have not recieved the collabora URL yet, you will get it asap in the special ticket.RegardsTEAM ownCubeSehr ... Read More »

Feb 8th Update Info - owncloud-9.1.4 - nextcloud-11.0.2

Dear customers,we want to inform you that its recommendet to use the latest stable version of the cloud software.Most of our users have our hosting addon that we offered a while ago, so no automaticly updates by our technicals and you need to update by yourself to the latest stable version.Customers without hosting addon or with autoupdate addon ... Read More »

Feb 6th Info email got sent with wrong message - Sorry

Dear customers,during our newsletter creation, something went wrong and a "Confirm Your Registration" email was sent instead of the newsletter.We canceled the email queue instant to avoid issues.You dont need to contact us nor change account details.Please ignore this email and accept our apologies.Thank youSehr geehrte Kunden,während des ... Read More »

Feb 5th Migration / Upgrade to our new dedicated server packages

Dear customer,as already mentioned in our newsletter, we have a new website, new packages and features at OwnCube.Due to the huge number of requests regarding upgrades to our new Dedicated Cloud Server packages, we would like to give you some information here. We offer upgrades/migration for: Cloud Admin package to Dedicated Cloud Server VPS ... Read More »