In our Summer Special #3, we offer plenty of disk space, at a very low price due to hardware upgrades in many data centers.
The upgrade is a ONETIME PAYMENT at no additional cost in the future.
Your monthly / yearly amount will not change, but the disk space will remain.
Of course, even lifetime customers can order this special.

Our Disk space specials ( Single, Admin, OPENVZ VPS ):

+ 1TB storage for ONLY 69 € ONETIME
+ 3TB storage for ONLY 149 € ONETIME
+ 5TB storage for ONLY 199 € ONETIME

If you are interested, just open a ticket in the support section or write us to

In order to speed up the ordering and processing process, you can also directly add the amount for the special with the add credit function in the customer panel (


Friday, June 22, 2018

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