Dear clients

Now, OwnCube is 7 years old and offers open source cloud hosting since 2012.
Whether single accounts, admin accounts or own servers, we have a package available for all claims.

There have been a few changes and improvements to our packages / services in recent days / weeks, which we would like to briefly address here:

New countries and packages
Since a few days we offer SSD VPS as well as Dedicated Servers in different countries, not only in the datacenter in Germany.
The new SSD Performance Cloud VPS are available in :

North America: Los Angeles | New York
Europe: Amsterdam - NL | Bucharest - RO | Copenhagen - DK | Dublin - IE | Frankfurt - DE | London - UK | Madrid - ES | Milan - IT | Moscow - RU | Oslo - NO | Paris - FR | Sofia - BG | Stockholm - SE | Vienna - AT | Vilnius - LT | Zurich - CH
Asia: Bursa - TR | Hong Kong - HK | Singapore - SG | Tokyo - JP
Oceania: Sydney - AU
Africa: Johannesburg - ZA

Our new Dedicated Server Packages are available in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

New backup systems for ADMIN packages
For all newly ordered services or newly ordered Backup Addon, the professional backup software Jetbackup will be used from now on. With this we can offer a web panel login to manage backups or to restore individual folders, files, database, email, dns, SSL or the complete account. All this works by one click, as well as downloads of backups, files, DB, ... anytime via the web.
Information can be found in the knowledge base:
All existing Backupaddon customers, can also switch to this software. If you are interested, please create a support ticket and we will do it as soon as possible.

For ALL Cloud Admin packages we now include a Cloud-config + database backup.
We create daily, free backups of all cloud config files and databases for all admin packages. Data / file folders are not included! and require a separate backup addon.

Disaster backups included:
Backups of the package Mini 1 to 25GB (cloud + data + database) which are done daily on external servers. These are inaccessible to the customer and are only used in case of server errors and / or errors on the part of OwnCube. If you need backups with your own access / restoration via web panel, our backup add-on is available.

Rocket.Chat goes live
We are also pleased to officially offer you our new service RocketChat Server:
Rocket.Chat provides features such as audio and video conferencing, guest access, onscreen and file sharing, LiveChat, LDAP group sync, two-factor authentication (2FA), end-to-end encryption (E2E), single sign-on (SSO) and some OAuth providers many of the features that Nextcloud also brings with it.
As already advertised in our Newsletter Special, we offer existing customers to receive the Rocket Chat Server for only 99 € onetime, without further costs. This Onetime Addon is still available for 7 days and can be found in the customer panel:

OwnCube, schools and university usage is increasing
OwnCube now hosts more than 200 schools / uni in Germany / Austria and throughout the EU, each with thousands of users per cloud.
We sponsor clubs and nonprofit organizations that are "dependent" to support in this area and we are proud of this collaboration.
Our number of private customers is also increasing daily and we are pleased to report such a large increase.
Even public institutions that want to outsource sensitive data on a Nextcloud, show more and more interest in our service and services.
Our number of servers is increasing daily and we rely on the latest technology and hardware. We are gradually converting all packages to these new systems, which has already been done at 80% of all servers in all countries. Announcements in this regard can always be found in the customer panel.

We will ensure that we can continue to improve and expand our service and provide you with a "worry free / all in one" service without having to outsource your services to different providers.

We would like to offer you specials for our 7th anniversary

We have on offer:
* Storage Upgrade, * Unlimited Storage, * Lifetime Upgrades, * Renewal Special, * SLA Special, * Auto Update addon, * Nextcloud Migration, * Collabora / Onlyoffice, * Own Resources / Performance Server hosting, * SSD Backend addon
For all specials and upgrades, of course, our 7-day money back guarantee!

* Disk space upgrade *
The upgrade is a one-time payment without any additional costs.
Your monthly / annual amount will not change as a result, but the storage will remain. Of course, lifetime customers can also order this special.

+ 1TB of storage for ONLY 69 € Onetime
+ 3TB storage space for ONLY 149 € Onetime
+ 5TB storage space for ONLY 199 € Onetime

* Unlimited disk space *
No 5TB, 10TB, ... limits, but real unlimited packages.

Single accounts: 239 € Onetime
Admin accounts: 379 € Onetime
Your monthly / annual amount does not change as a result.

* Lifetime Special *
You renew your service at OwnCube with a 3-year amount and your service is automatically set to LIFETIME.
This means no additional costs after these paid 3 years, your service will be free. In addition, you get 4x storage space for your package.

* Renewal special*
Renew your service for 1 year and get a 2nd year free of charge.

* SLA Special *
With a higher SLA (Service Level Agreement), you get * Fast support * Live chat support * Hosting on premium servers * Direct contact to a technician * High Prio ticket status * Installation of Apache / PHP extensions on request * Log analystic the Cloud, Systemcron Jobs, .....
Premium SLA - 6h for ONLY! 230 € Onetime
Business SLA - 1h 24/7 for ONLY! 430 € Onetime

* Auto Update addon *
With our Auto Update addon, your technician automatically updates your cloud every time you release it. The addon also includes daily bug and security fix integrations, as well as commissioning updates on customer request. Keep your cloud up to date with our update add-on, which you can now purchase for only € 79.

* Nextcloud migration *
This includes a migration / upgrade to nextcloud with all existing files, contacts, calendars ... to the latest Nextcloud V15.
We will do the migration of your cloud for only 49 € Onetime. The migration can of course like to be planned so as not to disturb the operation of your cloud.

* Collabora / Onlyoffice Addon *
Instead of the monthly / yearly costs for Collabora / OnlyOffice, we offer a one-time add-on:
We offer you a Collabora server / service, for a one-time setup fee of ONLY 49 €, with no ongoing charges. Onlyoffice is just for 49 € once available.

* Own resources / performance server hosting for admin packages *
No more shared resources, cpu / ram / network / hdd, ... permanently assigned and always available if you need them. By using a new software, as well as our new nodes, we can assign fixed accounts to individual accounts that are always available to you. The usage and use of other accounts / clouds will not affect your cloud in the future. The upgrade includes the integration into our load balance system and allocates your load to different web fronts server. Our dedicated resources addon is available for a one-time 79 €.

* SSD Admin Backend Addon Special *
Your database and cache on a dedicated system with SSD support. Your database queries are processed on an external, dedicated SSD server and can thus be transferred to your cloud without delay. You no longer use a shared Mysql server locally installed on the hosting server. Available as an addon in the customer panel for 59 € once.

If you are interested in one or more specials, please reply to this email and we will do the upgrades.
If you have questions about a special, we are also at your disposal at any time.

To speed up the order and clearing process, you can also directly deposit the amount for the Special with the Add Credit feature on the Customer Panel (, which enables us to make the transition if you accept your email directly.

Regards Team OwnCube

Thursday, February 28, 2019

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