Dear clients

Due to the great demand for our dedicated / real own VPN service / server, we are pleased to be able to offer a special.
Strengthen the power of the Internet - VPN is for everyone! *

Safe surfing / downloading on vacation, at home, in the company or on your smartphone via your OWN VPN server.

OWN VPN SERVER! What do you get?

You get a pre-installed OpenVPN server!, managed by our technicians.

You can setup UNLIMITED! own OpenVPN accounts on this server, create your own network, assign the accounts to friends, family, employees, ... and much more.

No shared IP or other customers on the same VPN, this is dedicated for you, as well as includes a dedicated / own IP.

The setup of the accounts is done with a pre-integrated shell script and can be done with only one command, no Linux, ... knowledge required.

You can choose in which country your VPN server is installed, choose from ALL locations we offer.

The server, as well as the OpenVPN software, security, ... is taken over by OUR technicians, so you need NO technical knowledge and do not need to manage the server.

You can also use the VPN server, for example: to make your cloud accessible only from the VPN IP, thus only for users / employees ... who also have a VPN access and all others who open your domain get an error instead of the cloud. If desired, we will gladly setup this for you.

We offer this service as a special. This new service will officially launch on the website in about 2 months.


North America: Los Angeles | New York 

Europe: Amsterdam - NL | Bucharest - RO | Copenhagen - DK | Dublin - IE | Frankfurt - DE | London - UK | Madrid - ES | Milan - IT | Moscow - RU | Oslo - NO |Paris - FR | Sofia - BG | Stockholm - SE | Vienna - AT | Vilnius - LT | Zurich - CH 

Asia: Bursa - TR | Hong Kong - HK | Singapore - SG | Tokyo - JP 

Oceania: Sydney - AU 

Africa: Johannesburg - ZA


You can order this service either annually or as a lifetime version (no cost in the future).

Our special prices are:
Annually for ONLY: 99 €
Lifetime for ONLY: 199 € ONETIME

Our special is available directly in the customer panel:

You can choose there ONETIME, so only with set-up fee without further costs, or a annually  package.

* This special is LIMITED! *

Mit freundlichen Grüßen | Best regards
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Thursday, November 21, 2019

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