Dear clients.
we are pleased to offer a Disk space Special, especially for KVM VPS customers.
5,10,20,40TB !! disk space Upgrade for your VPS.

The upgrade is a one-time payment without any recurring costs.
Your monthly / annual amount will not change as a result, but the storage will remain.
Of course, lifetime clients can accept this special, without further costs.

+ 5TB storage space for ONLY 119 € Onetime
+ 10TB storage space for ONLY 179 € Onetime
+ 20TB storage space for ONLY 269 € Onetime
+ 40TB storage space for ONLY 399 € Onetime

The extra disk space is added as a separate partition and must / can be mounted by yourself in any directory.
You can use it as cloud storage, data folders, backup, .... or anything else, its your harddrive.

If you are interested in upgrading, please contact us at or create a billing ticket in the customer panel.

Specials are available until 01.Dec. 2019

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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