Dear Customers,

we do not want to hold you up for long, but we would like to briefly inform you that our bank details will change shortly.
Due to numerous problems with international transfers, longer booking times than necessary and other problems with the current bank, we looked around for an alternative and found it.
After many tests, we decided on a new bank that brings "advantages" for customers from Germany as well as worldwide.

We ask you to adjust your bank subscriptions accordingly. You can also now find the new bank details on every invoice we send, or you create via the customer panel as PDF.

New bank details:
NAME: Friedrich Stagl OwnCube e.U.
IBAN: DE92100110012627749110

The old bank account will of course remain active for a while and payments will also be processed. However, we ask that you use or write down the new account details as soon as possible and change your subscriptions at your bank if set.

Thanks for your time
OwnCube management

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