Nextcloud has been supporting video conferencing for a long time with Nextcloud Talk.

Unfortunately, the solution had a catch: Video chats with more than four to five people were not possible here. Nextcloud always issued a warning when there was a certain number of participants and you could wait for the connection to break down at some point.

Nevertheless, there was upside potential here: With the so-called High Performance Backend for Nextcloud, video conferences with many more participants are possible. Here, however, you always needed a Nextcloud Enterprise subscription, but it wasn't worth the price for your own family cloud.

The part of the high performance backend that is interesting for talk is now available as open source (see Nextcloud blog). More precisely, it is the so-called signaling server.

The signaling server still requires a lot of resources and must therefore be installed on suitable hardware.

We will shortly be offering a signaling server officially on our website as an add-on, but for the time being only limited.

Our existing customers can order the Signaling Server Addon in advance to secure or reserve this addon.

With the Signaling Server Addon, you get your own signaling server, not a shared / shared backend server.

The signaling server can be ordered for € 400 a year, or € 900 onetime (lifetime offer). Due to the installation and maintenance work, we cannot offer this as a monthly addon. Also note that the website price will be slightly higher than the one offered here for pre-orders!

If you are interested and would like to pre-order a signaling server, please contact us by email or ticket.

More information and news about Nextcloud Talk can be found on the Nextcloud blog:

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