Due to the great demand for a live chat for problems that can be solved quickly and directly, we decided to use and test SIGNAL.

Why signal?
Signal is available free of charge for iOS and Android and as a desktop version for Mac, Windows and Linux. You read a lot about the fact that experts consider Messenger to be one of the safest alternatives to WhatsApp - if not the safest short message service of all.

We could also offer a web-based live chat, but this has not been well received in several surveys of our customers. 70% of customers informed us that they are already using Signal and that the easiest option would be to use an app on their smartphone. Our customers don't like to use a mobile chat in their browser either.

Of course there are some who do not use or want to use the signal, which we understand of course. The Signal Sales / Support solution is currently only available as a test.

How does it work ?
You save our Support Signal number +43 677 64007595 and contact us via the SIGNAL app.

What do I have to consider?
It is important that you only contact us from the telephone number that you have also given in your customer profile.
If we receive a support / customer-specific request from an anonymous number, it cannot be processed, identically as when contacting us by email.

Can help always be given directly by signal?
This depends on the problem or the request. The ordered SLA always applies to SIGNAL inquiries! If a supporter is available and the problem can be solved quickly, we will be happy to do this by signal. If it is a matter that takes longer to view, check, etc., we will ask you to create a ticket.

One of the main strengths of Signal is the end-to-end encryption of the messages. Because only this ensures that even the operator has no insight into what is actually being discussed here.
Signal offers the option of automatically deleting messages after a certain period of time. We also use this function on our devices and all messages are completely deleted after 7 days and there is no longer a history. Of course, the employee creates a "transcript" in the form of a ticket what the problem was, what was done, ... in order to see if there was a problem in future issues.

This option is only additional, you can still create a support ticket as always or contact us by email.

We look forward to your feedback.

With best regards
Team OwnCube

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