Migration CH30 --> occloudch401.owncube.com

Dear clients,because we have brand new performance servers in the DC, we will migrate all exist accounts from CH30 to the new performance servers in the next days.If you see a "SITE MOVED" on your domain, then:If you use our NS or our subdomains, there is no action required on your end.If you use external NS or you point a subdomain per A-record, ... Read More »

11th Feb 2019
New Backupsystems

Dear clients,we created a brank new Backup backend system for our backup addon customers in the last weeks.At the moment we transfer all backups to this new nodes! It is possible that you do not see new "date" folders on your FTP, the backups are running on our internal nodes for now.We will provide you with the new logins for the new system asap ... Read More »

11th Feb 2019
KVM node updates

This information is only for clients who have a KVM VPS service with us!

Dear clients,
we will update all KVM nodes to new kernel, qemu version....
First we will update all Business SLA nodes, then private SLA ones.
We already finished the upgrades in the following DC's: IT, NL, DE, UK, FR, SE, IN, AU, PL
In progress: CH, CA, SG

10th Feb 2019
Collabora server, new version, new url...

Dear clients,we use a new Collabora server system since a few days with the newest Collabora CODE version, new Collabora servers on SSD hardware, 10Gbit network per server and much more.For this reason we had to change the IP's of the collabora servers and also the URLS changed.If you cant connect/use collabora at the moment, please contact us to ... Read More »

10th Feb 2019
Imagick install

Dear clients
we currently install Imagick on all shared servers that is recommendet for nextcloud 15+
This will not affect your service, it is just a information.

3rd Feb 2019