High performance Servers with redis/4byte/memcached,... FREE setup for exist clients

Dear clients, we want to inform you that with our new website and admin packages, we have brand new servers, new webserver systems that are default now for new orders. On our new servers we have Redis, 4byte support, memcached,... installed and available that is not possible on our "old" nodes and packages. Because we want to offer the benefits ... Read More »

25th Feb 2020
Nextcloud 18.0.1 testing -> UPDATE: Stable for new setups.

Dear clients,

we currently testing 18.0.1 release to see if its stable and no more critical bugs.

We will update the announcement soon with more infos.


V18.0.1 is Stable for new setups. We still test UPDATES to 18.0.1 that seems almost stable too. We will update the status in the next days about this.

16th Feb 2020
8 years OwnCube! - Many specials available

Dear clientsOwnCube celebrates "8 years OwnCube" in 2 weeks and we are proud to offer open source cloud hosting since 2012 with thousands of happy customers.Whether single accounts, admin accounts or own servers, we have a package available for all claims.There have been many improvements to our packages / services in recent years to make our ... Read More »

9th Feb 2020